AREC members receive AREC team clothing each year as a benefit of membership. In addition, we have clothing for sale. Generally, with new items, all sizes will be available (or can be ordered). With older (discontinued) items, there is a limited selection. For all AREC Gear purchases, contact the “AREC Outlet Store Manager” 😀  Angela Holder

AREC Merchandise

  • AREC Unisex Technical Singlets – Comes in 3 colors with white lettering – $22.
    Unisex Singlet
  • AREC Ladies 100% poly performance tee -Available in 4 colors – Various ladies’ sizes. Price is $24.
  • Ladies Performance Tee
  • AREC Mens 100% poly performance tee – Available in 4 colors – Various ladies’ sizes. Price is $24.
    Mens Performance Tee
  • Ladies Burnout Racerback Tank – Available in 8 colors – Various sizes. Price is $22.
  •  Ladies Burnout Tank
  • AREC Unisex Hoodie –  Available in 4 colors – Various Sizes. Price $32.
  • Unisex Hoodie

For more great AREC wear please visit AREC WEAR

For more information, contact Angela Holder