Board Members and Role Descriptions

The AREC Board is composed of volunteers who are elected to two year terms according to the club Charter.  In addition to the permanent Board positions, there are several standing committees that are chaired by volunteer club members.

The AREC Board members for 2018-19 are

President: Angela Holder

Vice President: Sidney Vong

Treasurer: Tam Premsrirath

Secretary: Margaret Tollner

Club Information Officer: Stephanie Harris

The standing committee chairs are:

Marathon Training: Chris Mutusak

Trail Training: Kelly Motyka

Competition Committee: Bill Perkins

Charties Committee: Lien Baker

Volunteers Committee: Kelly Higgins

Social Committee: Jaqueline Friedman

Social Media Team:  Nicole Thome  and Amy Reed

All members are invited to participate in the committees and to attend the Board Meetings in order to make AREC the club that our members want it to be!

AREC Primary Board of Directors Roles and Responsibilities


The Club President is the Chief Executive Officer and is responsible for fulfilling the

mission of the club. The president presides at meetings of the club and the Board;

appoints committees and has general supervision of the operation of the club.

When necessary, the president will act as the public face of the club in representing the

club at local and regional events. The president serves as a point of contact for outside

groups who propose any programs that request the participation of the club in

community events, volunteer programs, races and any other clubs that have as their

objectives the same goals as those described in the club’s mission statement.

Provides helpful and supportive leadership for all club activities. Motivates and

facilitates as required.

Vice President

The Club Vice President assists the President in the administration of his roles and

responsibilities and assumes the responsibilities of the president in his or her absence.


The Secretary maintains all club records, manages club files, handles all club

correspondence and takes the minutes at each club meeting.


The Treasurer is responsible for club financial policies, procedures and controls. The

treasurer receives and distributes, with the approval of the club, all club funds. The

treasurer oversees the club budget, collects membership dues and pays any bills

incurred by the club. The treasure keeps an accurate account of all transactions and

prepares and presents periodic financial reports to the club’s Board of Directors.

Club Information Officer

The Club Information Officer is responsible for maintaining all club records with regard

to membership and members, and also manages the membership database. This information is collected both

from online collection and in-person collection. The CIO enters in all membership data

and manages a membership committee who assist the CIO in collection of membership

and distribution of club gear. The CIO maintains a database of member

accomplishments and tracks member participation in running events for the purposes of

reporting progress towards the achievement of annual awards and recognition.

The CIO is responsible for the timely publishing and distribution of the monthly


The CIO works closely with the Secretary  to ensure all

new members receive all club communications and that they are enrolled in all club


Secondary Board Positions—Committees and Chairs

Marathon Training Program

Trail Training Program

Charites Committe

Volunteer Coordinator

Social Committee

Membership Committee

Social Media Team