Since the relaunch of AREC in 1998, we have tracked members’ results.  Criteria such as setting a Personal Best, placing in the Top 3 or Top 10 in your age division, and more, determine AREC Grand Prix Points.  Additionally, racing mileage is tallied.

The AREC Grand Prix begins on September 1st and concludes on August 31st, in any given year.  Runners who finish in the Top Ten overall in points receive a certificate and recognition at the Members’ Appreciation Party (which is usually on the Friday evening preceding the Long Beach Marathon events).  Additionally, any runner accumulating at least 100 miles in races during the Grand Prix will also receive a certificate.

Current Grand Prix Standings (9/1/2017 – 8/31/2018)

Archived Grand Prix Standings 1998-99 1999-00
2000-01 2001-02 2002-03 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10
2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17

AREC Awards

In addition to the Top Ten Grand Prix Finishers and the Century Club Awards, AREC also presents several awards not directly tied to the Grand Prix, some chosen by the current Board of Directors and some voted upon by the membership.

Year Prolific Age Group Male Rookie Female Rookie Inspirational Improved Male Runner of the Year Female Runner of the Year
1998-99 Emmett Rahl Diane Belanger N/A N/A N/A Laura Chaides N/A Laura Chaides
1999-00 Emmett Rahl
Todd Byers
Karine Brooks N/A N/A Emmett Rahl
Marlaigne Hudnall
Marlaigne Hudnall Emmett Rahl Laura Chaides
2000-01 Emmett Rahl
Todd Byers
Edward Villalobos Lance Millar N/A Todd Rose Edward Villalobos Todd Byers Laura Chaides
2001-02 Emmett Rahl Victor Hernandez Dennis Murphy N/A Heather Stevens Dennis Murphy Emmett Rahl Heather Stevens
2002-03 Emmett Rahl Chuck Sohaskey N/A Elizabeth Campagna Heather Stevens Dennis Murphy Emmett Rahl Heather Stevens
2003-04 Emmett Rahl Chuck Sohaskey N/A Stacy Shourt Margaret Everitt Emmett Rahl Todd Byers Stacy Shourt
2004-05 Emmett Rahl Steve Singer Win Freeman N/A Sterling Kwong
Heather Stevens
Tam Premsrirath
Brian McKeever Todd Rose Heather Stevens
2005-06 Emmett Rahl Dona McBride N/A Dona McBride Connor Stevens Connor Stevens
Kate Rupley
Brian Conboy Tam Premsrirath
2006-07 Emmett Rahl Liz Burger Jose Raffucci N/A Win Freeman Kristin Deatherage Win Freeman Liz Burger
2007-08 Edward Villalobos Edward Villalobos Kevin Murphy Mistii Comeau Bernard Dean Mills Tammy Strong Dave Kuntz Kristin Deatherage
2008-09 Todd Byers Laura Sohaskey Chris Rosario Kathy Massanet Nadine Echeverry Kate Rupley Lars Hertzog Nadine Echeverry
2009-10 Chris Rosario Chris Rosario David Buczkowski Alison Kirkpatrick Michael Pendleton Will Cantrell Chris Rosario Alison Kirkpatrick
2010-11 Chris Rosario
Jack Nowak
Kathleen Phair Jack Nowak Dulce Barton Dona McBride Scott Stasoiski Brian Conboy Kathleen Phair
2011-12 Margaret Tollner Dona McBride Doug Freeman Laurie Gray Robert Ward Tiffany Forster
Frank Coleman, Jr.
David Buczkowski Dona McBride
2012-13 Margaret Tollner Gisele Schaaf Jesus Rodriguez Conni Medina
Stephanie Harris
2013 Boston Marathon Runners Lori McDowell
Gavin McKiernan
Emmett Rahl Tam Premsrirath
2013-14 Margaret Tollner Dona McBride Gil Perez Emily Benson Randy & Jeanine Gaston Preston Reed June Hofilena Joya Walach Gil Perez Gisele Schaaf
2014-15 Dulce Barton Gisele Schaaf Daniel Albino Nicole Valdivia Ron Mgrublian Jeffrey McKinney Maria Robinson Jeffrey McKinney Laura Sohaskey
2015-16 Margaret Tollner Dona McBride & Anthony Fagundes Matthew Callon Jane Allison & Patti Coulombe Tsehay Villeza Daniel Albino
Jane Allison & Angela Wright
Todd Rose Tsehay Villeza




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