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A Running Experience Club (AREC) is a club whose goals are determined by its members.  Every two years, we hold elections for our board, which meets 6-8 times per year.  All Board members can answer general questions about the club, while each person can tackle more specific questions as pertain to his/her position.

President – Angela Holder
Preside over meetings, represent club in RRCA, call special meetings and appoint committee chairs

Vice President – Sidney Vong
Race Discounts/Instagram/Special Assignments from President

Information Officer – Stephanie Harris
Newsletter / Website / Membership Results/ Membership Coordinator/Gear Dispenser/ New Member Signups

Treasurer – Tam Premsrirath
Money Management / Budgets

Secretary – Margaret Tollner
Meeting Minutes / Correspondence

Marathon Training –  Chris Matusak
From May through October – Marathon and Half Marathon Training for Long Beach Marathon events

L.A Marathon Training – Dona McBride
From November through March – Marathon and Half Marathon Training for Los Angeles Marathon events

Trail Coordinator – Kelly Motyka
From November through April – Trail runs, maps, and training schedule for Leona Divide 30k/50k/50Mile

General Inquiries