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Upcoming AREC Club Races

AREC Members who run races receive points in the AREC Grand Prix. In the past, Members received 5 bonus points for participating in a club race.

Here are the requirements for a 2017 race to qualify as an AREC Bonus Race: For a "Local" Race (from the Mexican border to the northern LA County/Santa Barbara County borders), a race in the previous year with 10 AREC participants, current year runners will receive 5 points. For an "Out of Town" race (not "Local"), any race with at least 5 runners in the previous year, the current year's runners will receive 5 points. Any race that did not have at least 5 runners in the previous year (i.e. not on this list), but gets at least 10 AREC runners will gain a bonus of 1 point for each runner. Finally, on any weekend where 100 AREC members participate in an event (if 1 person runs a 5K and 10K on the same day, that counts as "2"), all runners will receive 5 bonus points. Thanksgiving [Thursday - Sunday of the holiday weekend] and Fourth of July [including the day before or after if on the same weekend] (which will be listed below) will still be automatic bonus race days.

Month/Year Name Distance AREC Numbers
from Previous Year
1/17New Year's5K/10K/(Half)7/2/(9)
1/17Star Wars5K/10K/Half1/8/14
1/17PF ChangHalf/Full5/0
2/17Run to RememberHalf12
2/17Surf CityHalf/Full95/23
2/17Race on the Base5K/10K/Tri10/18/23
3/17Los Angeles5K/Full3/57
4/17Seal Beach5K/10K28/53
5/17Orange County5K/Half/Full5/90/11
5/17Santa Barbara Wine CountryHalf21
5/17Mountains 2 BeachHalf/Full3/12
5/17Laguna Hills5K/10K/Half1/5/5
6/17Rock'n'Roll San Diego5K/Half/Full3/12/4
6/17Wrigley River Run5K/10K28/94
7/17Summer Nights #15K22
7/17Summer Nights #25K12
7/17San FranciscoHalf/Full13/2
8/16OC Fair5K22
8/16Santa RosaHalf/Full6/2
9/16Conquer the Bridge5.3M78
9/16Revel Big CottonwoodHalf/Full1/4
9/16Santa Monica Classic5K/10K2/8
9/16Bimbo Global Energy10K/3K16/1
10/16Long Beach5K/Combo/Half/Full13/13/132/65
10/16Surf City5K/10K/10M2/8/14
10/16Carrera de los Muertos5K10
10/16Rock'n'Roll LA5K/Half2/17
11/16New York CityFull5
11/16Rock'n'Roll Las Vegas5K/10K/Half7/1/12
11/16LaceUp Palos Verdes5K/10K/Half2/1/11
12/16California InternationalFull6

Note: If you review the past year's races, you will note that there are a few races not listed here that had at least 10 runners. Any races that are not easily accessible by all runners (i.e. Triathlons (unless affiliated with a race on this list) and Boeing Runs) are not eligible for Bonus Points.

For more information, contact Todd Rose or Dave Kuntz.
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