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2013 Marathon and Half Marathon Training Program

Welcome to A Running Experience club's Marathon and Half Marathon training program geared towards the Long Beach International City Bank Marathon (LBICBM) events which take place on Sunday, October 13, 2013. We at AREC are committed to providing you with a detailed training program in addition to experienced leadership and advice, motivation, mental preparation and all of the tools necessary to accomplish this courageous goal. And we will have a good time doing it!!

The training runs will commence on Saturday, May 18, at 7:00am in the parking lot adjacent to Joe's Crab Shack (located at 6550 E. Marina Drive in Long Beach), and will continue every Saturday thereafter at 7:00am until race day, unless otherwise noted on the Special Dates page. Suggested training programs for both the full and half marathon distances are outlined on the provided tables with columns for daily and total weekly mileage, and rest days. Our Saturday "long runs" are definitely the most important part of the training, though the remainder of the schedule may be modified as needed to fit any hectic lifestyle.

Following certain Saturday training runs (outlined on the Special Dates page), we will also be offering valuable information through seminars/clinics with guest speakers in the fields of nutrition, holistic chiropractic/sports medicine, podiatry and foot type/shoe selection. You will notice a couple of location changes and races to spice things up a bit, so put these on your calendar as well. A weekly e-mail will be sent out to all participants with the upcoming route's course description and a web link to the course.

Participation in the program is only $25 per individual (or $40 per household) and includes membership in AREC (covering January - December), a club beach towel, a monthly newsletter, all of the orgainzed club runs, a pre-marathon pasta party, social events and much more! Membership may be handled online from the club's website (www.arec-lb.com) or a form printed out and turned in. Checks should be made out to "AREC" and sent to the address on the filled out form or presented at any of the training runs.

Please be aware that a full marathon (26.2 miles) is really not for the beginning runner. Ideally, one should have been running for at least 3-6 months and be currently running at least 15 miles per week prior to starting this program. If you do not meet this benchmark, you might want to consider training for the half marathon (13.1 miles) instead. If you are unsure, we can discuss the most appropriate option.

And don't forget about AREC's year-round Wednesday evening fun run/walk, and Saturday morning trail runs from November through April. Details are available on the AREC website. We hope to see you soon and keep on running!

Documents you will need to participate:

Special Dates on the Calendar

2013 Half Marathon Training Schedule

2013 Full Marathon Training Schedule

Membership Form

(Or register online.)

For further information regarding the training program, or if you have any specific questions, please contact the club's Marathon Training Coordinator and Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) certified coach Todd Rose by e-mail: ToddRunsAREC AT aol.com. We look forward to assisting you in this potentially life-changing experience!

And don't forget about AREC's year-round Wednesday evening fun run/walk, and Saturday morning trail runs from November through April. We hope to see you soon and keep on running!

Once the training program begins, if you are NOT receiving the e-mails you can also access the Training E-mails by logging into the e-mail system through the Training List Serv page. If you know your password, just click the link at the top, and it will take you to the message archive (sorted by month). If you don't know your password (e-mailed to you monthly and when you first joined the training program), scroll to the bottom, and click the "Unsubscribe or edit options" button... and you can have a password reminder sent to you.

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